The Ultimate Travel Checklist

The Ultimate Travel Checklist

When I am getting ready to go out of town an international trip there are certain things I do for everytrip to make sure my trip goes smoothly.  I’d thought I’d share it and maybe make some of your lives easier.

1.  Check your travel documents.  Make sure your passport is not within 6 months of expiring or else you will not be able to travel!

2.  Take a photo of your passport and email it to yourself so if you lose it you have a copy in case it gets lost or stolen.

3.  Email copies of all your travel documents to yourself.

4.  Call your bank to let them know you will be traveling so you can use your credit cards and ATM card.  Also, if you have multiple cards, be sure to take the ones that don’t charge foreign transaction fees and that come with included car insurance!

5.  Check your phone plan.  Plans usually vary depending on the country.  You want to make sure you are squared away so when you get back from your trip and get your phone bill you don’t have a unhappy surprise.

6.  Put in a mail hold request.  There is nothing that will give away your home as an easy target as a stack of piled up mail/newspapers.

7.  Check the location you are traveling to for vaccination recommendations and visa requirements.  You don’t want to be stressed out last minute about either.

8.  Have a plan of how to get from the airport to where you are staying – especially if you arriving to your destination late.  For example, a hostel I was staying at in Barcelona offered 24 hour shuttle service but I needed to send my flight information, copy of my passport and credit card information to them.  I was getting into Barcelona at midnight so I am glad that I thought ahead of how I was going to get to the hostel since I was getting in so late.  A little planning ahead makes for a more carefree trip once you are there!

9.  I also like to use a luggage weight before heading to the airport.  There is nothing more stressful than being overweight and having to deal with it while trying to catch a flight.  (Tip: if you are slightly overweight, you can risk and see if the airline forces you to remove items.  Have a plan for what you might be able to take out and just throw in a duty-free shopping bag to take on the plane.)

I know these are all things we probably know as travelers but it is nice to have it all in one place!  Do you have any things to add to the checklist?  Let me know.

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