The Perfect Travel Camera Backpack!

Mindshift TrailScape 18L Backpack

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Iceland and Barcelona, I searched the market for a new camera backpack and finally found my personal fit.

Everyone has different needs and priorities.  Here was my criteria:

-Can be used as a normal backpack.

-Can double as my “personal item” that can fit under the seat in front of me.

-I wanted two side pockets so that when I was hiking in Iceland it could hold my water-bottle and my tripod.

-A separate compartment for easy access for my passport/wallet for easy access.

-A compartment for my Computer (for blogging) and iPad (for reading/watching videos)

-Extra space after loaded up with all my tech equipment for things like snacks, chargers, and journal.

My Bag

After purchasing and returning a number of bags after trying to fit all my gear in it, I finally found one that works perfectly for me.  It is the Mindshift TrailScape 18L Backpack.  Here are the specks that came with the bag.  I loved how the bag showed me the best way to fit as much gear in this bag as possible.

Here is the bag packed with all the lenses I want to bring and then I still have room for my makeup bag that is going to be carried on with me on my flights.  I love this because I have room for all my gear and my flight necessities.

After fitting all my gear, the bag still had room to store all of the items below in other pockets.  There is a specific sleeve for my laptop and a separate sleeve for my iPad.

And here it is all ready to go!  Please don’t mind the tags!  I left them on because I had tried so many bags that just didn’t work with my gear and my needs.  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to try out bags before you go on your trip.  While this is a mid-range bag as far as pricing goes, but there is no point in purchasing a bag that you are forced to use, and you just are looking for a new bag on your next trip.



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